How to Generate Traffic from Twitter, The Easy Way

Traffic is the real aspect to consider when you promote your business. There are many methods that you can try to get the traffic from Twitter. The good thing here is that you can do them all for free, without spending a dime.

Creating better tweets for your followers and other Twitter users is a must so that you can send more traffic to your blog. Here you will see some of the best ways you can do to generate traffic from Twitter, as well as what tools you can use to make these more effective.
What You Need to Do?

Active on the Peak time

You don’t have to spend hours to use your Twitter. Consider use your 15 minutes of each day to tweet, follow, retweet, and engage with your followers. Depending on the area you are online, you may want to consider to do your social media activity at the peak time when the number of users who are online is at the peak. If you are living with the same time zone as your audience, you can start your first and last 15 minutes of your day. But if they are overseas, you will want to adjust your time to posting.

Complete your Twitter Profile

To interact with people, be sure that you make a likable profile unless you want to deter your customer from knowing your brand or business. Be sure have a great photo profile. Since we are talking about the brand or business, you’ll have the liberty to put your face, or your company logo on your profile. Complete your profile with such professional description. Keep in mind, it is the gate that is open to the public. You will want to make sure that it is inviting enough to attract your soon-to-be customers.

Use engaging contents

It can be the newest stories, quotes, or any other content. Make sure the content is related to your business niche as well as interesting. The interesting content will most likely to be shared by your followers. To make your content more engaging, consider using the popular hashtags. Also mention some users on the Twitter by using @ mention. When you mention someone influential, more people will see your post.

Tools that you can use

You are probably concerning about the amount of time and effort to spend to manage your Twitter, you can consider using few tools to help you. The good thing here is that all these tools are legitimate and free.

TweetDeck is one of them. It is a great tool which will help you to manage your multiple Twitter accounts. It works on desktop or laptop and is a must-have twitter tool. HootSuite is also a great tool with similar functions. Consider using them to speed up your Twitter marketing.

if you want to do some aggressive marketing on twitter, you can’t do with just one account you can use Avatar Bazar to acquire some old accounts form auction or you can use Twitter Factory to buy twitter accounts that are few months old and are ready for marketing purpose.