Here’s Why Twitter Is So Awesome for Your Business

Twitter is a unique social media platform. Although it is introduced as social media, its form conveys the definition of the micro blogging platform. Gone are the days where the users were limited to 140 characters to share their thoughts. Now with double limitations, it is much more prevalent for businesses to generate more leads and land more clients through Twitter.


The uses of Twitter for businesses and startups have been leveraged for years by the users. If you haven’t used Twitter yet, you may have missed some opportunities to expand your business. Here is why Twitter is awesome for your business.

Simple, Easy, Straightforward

Unlike the other social media sites, Twitter is very easy to use. It allows you to send out short status messages in no time. If you are not fond of cluttered interfaces of other social media sites, Twitter has the solution for you. It has an intuitive interface that doesn’t give you much complex when using it. It is easy to understand, even for beginners. You just need to input your text in 140 characters like your product promotion, coupon codes, etc with a trending hasthags and hit the TWEET button. That’s it. Using the right hashtags in your post, you will just need to foruntil your followers or other Twitter users react. If you are more advanced users, you could use its advanced features such as trends, searches, amongst others.

Different Ways of using Twitter

Accessing Twitter is not only limited through your browser, but also other devices. Twitter shares its API. That’s why many third party sites and apps can integrate it with them. For instance, you could use TweetDeck on your PC to open multiple accounts and check each of their notifications. You can also post the status without logging in through the Twitter page.  While on the go, you can also use Twitter app to post something.

Large pools of audiences

Twitter is one of the top 10 social media services in the world. It has over 360 millions active users around the world. That means you will have large pools of audiences to approach. You have already your future customers there. By using the right hashtags and catchy copywriting, they will gladly follow your account and get noticed every time you post something new. It is one of the best ways to connect with your customers.

Free Marketing Tool

Simply take few seconds to write up to 280 characters pitch and with a link to your site or sales page, you can reach your future customers online. And you can do it for free! You don’t have to pay  a single dime for it.

Build your community base

Both Twitter site and app are light and easy, which is one of the reasons why folks use it for participating in the discussion. When you share useful content, you will increase the chances to get retweets and favorites in the Twitter. These will improve your brand or business visibility to attain more customers.



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